Donations to HWSS-Self-Regulation will be used towards creating calm spaces within our building, teacher training opportunities, learning resources and emotional regulation tools.

The combination of physical, hormonal and neural changes occurring during adolescence along with the increasing demands of preparing for post-secondary education or employment make for a “perfect storm” of chronic hyper and hypo arousal. In basic terms, students aren’t learning if they are not in a calm and alert state of mind. As educators at Heritage Woods Secondary we feel we need to keep the focus on SELF-regulation: on teens themselves acquiring the competencies needed to recognize when they are over-stressed; how to identify and reduce their stressors; learn what it feels like to be calm, and more than that, how to enjoy this experience; and develop a repertoire of self-regulating practices to ensure they have acquired tools for a successful future.

Please note that only donations of $25.00 or more, will receive an income tax receipt from the school district, which are provided early in the new year.

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